e-Ovation: a live karaoke system by using virtual reality tools

In recent years, the number of karaoke singers who enjoy karaoke alone increases in Japan. Therefore, we think contents for personal karaoke are in demand. In this paper, we develop personal experimental entertainment karaoke system using virtual reality technology called “e-Ovation”. This system provides experiences to be concert singer by head mounted display (HMD) projected concert venue scenery looking from concert singer. To realize the system, we implemented three mainly functions. First, we simulate chemical light of the audience. Movement and color transition of chemical lights respond to movement of the user and lyrics. Second, the system shows lyrics in HMD. Timing of changing displayed lyrics in HMD is determined automatically by preprocessed lyrics data. Third, the system plays voices of audience. Voices of audience respond to movements of the user. We evaluation the system by questionnaire and got favorable results.