VisualLife: A Self-Manegement System with 3D Timeline Interfaces

Zhang Songyuan ,  Tomoaki Moriya Tokiichiro Takahashi
IWAIT 2015

In this paper, we propose “VisualLife”, a self-management system with 3D time line interfaces, which visualizes life logs in spatial and temporal domain via 3D interfaces. Our Visual Life system stores MySQL database with various kinds of data (such as diaries, food photos, weight, household account book, to-do-lists, and so on). Life log data are visualized in a 3D spatial and temporal space by our system based on WebGL technologies. Our system enables and enriches comfortable 3D interfaces such as free view-point, and walk-through. We recorded the life log data for six months. Our system was verified to visualize the data fast enough. Our system helped to grasp the relations between data and the time intuitively.


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