Development of a Visual Flight Simulation Prototype for Paraglider Beginners

Nobuyuki Tokumasu ,  Tomoaki Moriya Tokiichiro Takahashi

 In recent years, paraglider has been established as a sport, and there are increasing demands for the experience. We have developed a flight simulator to practice paraglider for those with no or little experience.  An operation interface is one of the most important elements of a simulator. It has to be similar to the condition of an actual flight. In our system, the following two flight operations are provided to control the simulator. A flight of paraglider is controlled by pulling a brake code, and a weight shift of an operator physically. When an operator operates this paraglider simulator, a flight route is displayed on a screen. The flight route is shown by synthesizing GPS data with operation data.  The knowledge on how a paraglider flies through simulating the operation in advance of an actual flight will improve flight techniques of beginners. Further, they can have safe flight practices.