Parametric Stylized Highlight for Character Animation Based on 3D Scene Data

 Cartoon shading has become one of the most widely used techniques for producing animated films using 3D models. However, its physically generated behavior is often insufficient for stylized highlighting of hair, which is symbolic and less physically correct. Texture mapping is effective for such stylizations; however, the approach is limited to static representation of highlights.  We propose a method to render and control stylized highlights. The proposed method effects desired changes to the shape and position of a highlight by modifying its control points as a function of light and view position, thereby providing artistic control over physically generated behavior. Another important feature of our method is pseudonormals, which simplify distracting highlights caused by original surface normal details. Figure 1 shows the results of our method.  Choi and Lee [2006] proposed a method to project an arbitrary highlight shape to a 3D model. Sloan et al. [2001] proposed Lit Sphere shading, which encodes an artistic shading style to a 2D sphere map as a function of screen space normals. However, they suffer from highly deformed highlights, which can be simplified using our method.